The Independent, 14th September. Claimants must learn English or lose benefits. This article reviews David Cameron’s statement that people who need to improve their English in order to get a job will be forced to attend ESOL classes and face losing their benefits if they don’t.

The Guardian, 12th September. U-turn on ESOL funding causes enrolment mayhem for colleges.  This article looks at how some colleges are coping with the sudden change in funding and how they are trying to attract ESOL students back through their doors.

FE Week, 24th August. U-turn on ESOL funding clarified by the Skills Funding Agency  Confirmation that unemployed ESOL learners who are on income-related benefits are now eligible for full funding.

TES, 12th August. ‘Government U-turns on provision of free courses’ by Joseph Lee. This article discusses the possible loosening of the new rules, but things are still far from clear.

Liberty News Blog, 4th August. Integration not disintegration by Rachel Robinson reviews the issues around pre-entry language requirements for spouses/partners and the cuts in ESOL funding – ‘discriminatory policy making’.

The Independent, 31st July. Article ‘End to free language classes for immigrants’ which illustrates the effects the government’s changes to ESOL funding will have particularly on vulnerable women.

Video of ESOL Day of Action, Westminster, 24th March.  (Plesae note that the date on the video is wrong – the demo is of the day of action at Old Palace Yard on 24th March.)  This inspiring video was made by the students themselves who were on a course as part of an EIF ‘Welcome to the UK’ project at LLU+ London South Bank University. The producer was Sara Asadullah of Insightshare.

Radio coverage of the cuts, 1st July, Angela Rangecroft, London based radio journalist and presenter, interviews Action for ESOL

Nottingham Indymedia, 28th May, report on ESOL students meeting with Lilian Greenwood, MP.

Radio 4 Women’s Hour, 27th May, Jennie Turner and one of her students, Zeynab, from Greenwich Community College, James Lee (Refugee Council), and Shamim Akhtar, a community worker in Leeds talk to Jenni Murray about the importance of ESOL for women. Download the podcast and go to ‘Chapter 4′ to hear them making a great case for ESOL.

TES, 27th May, report on demonstration

Fulham Chronicle, 20th May, Hammersmith Students hit out at funding cuts.

Left Foot Forward, 14th April, Sally Hunt, General Secretary of UCU on Cameron’s speech.

Guardian Cif, 14th April, Daniel Trilling argues that Cameron’s speech masks policies that harm the poorest and most vulnerable

Guardian Online, 14th April, ‘Anger over English lesson funding cuts’: Teachers speak out.

Hackney Post, 15th March, report and video of Action for ESOL local demonstration.

Rochdale Online, 7th March, local MP supports ESOL campaign.

ITV report on ESOL cuts featuring local MP Simon Danczuk, ESOL learners and Pat Sullivan Curriculum Leader

TES, 25th February, ‘ESOL cuts mean immigrants could miss out on citizenship’

Left Foot Forward, 25th February: ‘Funding cuts undermine Cameron’s integration message’, James Lee, Policy Advisor at the Refugee Council

Financial Times, 22nd February: ‘Language cuts seen as threat to integration,’ pointing to research released by the Association of Colleges

London Evening Standard, 22nd February: ‘Immigrants Face Losing ‘Lifeline’ Classes,’ the Standard’s Education Correspondent reports.

TES, 18th February: ESOL cuts ‘not thought through’ claims NIACE.

BBC News, Education and Family, 16th February: English course cuts to ‘hit citizenship and jobs’, the Association of Colleges reports.

The Sunday Observer, 13th February: Job Anguish for Immigrants as English Language Courses Face Cuts. Reporter Toby Helm tells the story of Shalina Parveen and the thousands like her who will suffer if the proposed cuts in ESOL funding take place.

The Guardian, letters, 9th February: ESOL lecturer Kate Lomas from Greenwich Community College had a letter about the cuts published in a section on multiculturalism.

The Independent, Letters: Multiculturalism, a letter from Dr Judith Brown in Sheffield.

TES Connect, 21st January: the cruel cuts that could silence a generation

“The campaign faces a further challenge because the victims of the cuts are already marginalised. Shane Chowen, vice-president for FE at the National Union of Students, says: “The proposed cuts to Esol are doubly cruel because those who will feel the effects are those who are already isolated. Without basic English skills, how can they understand the details of Government policy or find a voice against it?” Extract from TES 21/01/11

The Guardian, 18th January: Ian Nash wrote an article highlighting the impact the cuts will have on low income women and refugees